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The Ebenezer School in Kasaragod was built by our mission at the request of the local leaders of the community. The original purpose of the school was to make a way for the Gospel to be preached in that area. Because Indians hold education in such high regard, the fact that we have placed the school there has indeed opened the hearts of those in the villages. Before we agreed to open the school the leaders in that area had asked our evangelistic team to leave. This area had previously been unreached with the Gospel. Our team has been able to minister in hundreds of villages because of the success of the school and several churches have been planted.


A few years after the school was opened additional funds were needed to enlarge the school and add grade levels up to the seventh year. Those funds were provided and now we are able to keep the school running for the next several years. The new school construction is progressing well. Of course everyone in the area sees the school construction, and the locals are very encouraged by it. Of course this is keeping the door wide-open for the preaching of the Gospel. In about three or four years we would like to purchase more land outside of town and erect another building that will cover  grade eight through High School. This would keep the area permanently open to the preaching of the Gospel throughout Kasaragod.


Ebenezer School in Kasaragod


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